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The objectives of the MOHT Internship Programme are to engage high quality student interns to understand healthcare transformation initiatives.


The opportunity and experience will enable interns to:

  • Experience how MOHT functions to push the frontiers of healthcare innovation;

  • Learn how multi-disciplinary skills interact in transformation projects (e.g. change management with healthcare partners in hospital, primary and community care; care redesign; data analytics; technology insertion and financing redesign);

  • Gain insights to the innovation and development of Singapore’s healthcare system.

MOHT has two internship streams, with the internship period normally ranging from 2 to 6 months: 

  1. General Interns - Fulfilling the skill set requirements of MOHT teams. Open to all local universities (e.g. NUS, NTU, Duke-NUS, SUTD, SMU and SUSS) and good foreign universities.   

  2. Asian Medical Students' Association Singapore (AMSA SG) Interns – Medical students from the 3 local medical schools (NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, NTU Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, Duke-NUS Medical School) via the MOHT-SIMSA flagship internship programme.

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My MOHT journey opened my eyes to the modern workplace, especially during the uncertain times of this pandemic. I learned to approach projects with systems thinking, account for future changes and balance decisions and evaluation through data-driven and cost-benefit analyses. I’m happy to have had this safe playground to explore, fail, grow and learn.
- Alistair Tan, corporate IT internship (2021)


I worked in a collaborative environment where the ground users, developers, and product owners co-created one IT product. This valuable opportunity has helped me gain personal insights into the digital transformation required to reimagine health and care. 
- Estelle Heng, digital healthcare products internship (2021)

There are 4 intakes for General Interns with the respective cut-off dates for application below:

  • Mid-year/ Summer Internship (May to July) – Apply by 15th December of prior year

  • Semester period Internship (July to November/December) – Apply by 15th March of the year

  • End-of-year / Winter Internship (December to January) – Apply by 15th May of the year

  • Semester period Internship (January to May/June) – Apply by 15th October of prior year

AMSA SG interns are recruited only through AMSA SG EXCO:

  • Summer Internship (May to July)

Note: Ad-hoc requests for internship outside the above stated periods or with application after the cut-off dates will generally not be considered.

Interns will be interviewed and assessed by the following criteria:

  1. Communication & Articulation

  2. Learning Attitude & Commitment

  3. Collaboration & Teamwork

  4. Skill-sets & Experience

All interns selected for the MOHT internship programme will be required to ensure confidentiality of the data they are handling and will be required to complete and sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with MOHT.

For further enquiries relating to the MOHT internship programme, please contact the MOHT Internship Committee at:


My internship introduced me to the process of having to understand and scope complex and entrenched problems. I was introduced to key areas of priority, for instance - reaching out to the hard-to-reach in the community. Meetings with key agencies and partners gave me an understanding of the many different initiatives in Singapore and how we may add value to their work.

- Zhu Yiming, Integrated Health Promotion programme internship (2020)

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