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Empowering Citizens as Agents of Change:

Design for Solutions in a Post COVID-19 World

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A New Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the world hard. In Singapore, beyond immediate impact on health, the COVID-19 outbreak is likely to leave longer-term impact on our community. Reduced economic activity has contributed to a number of residents without jobs, heightening financial insecurity and mental stress. Circuit Breaker and safe distancing measures have been associated with increased isolation, a reduction in social interaction and access to healthcare, built-up tensions at home, with reported increase of domestic violence.

A post COVID-19 world will be very different from the world we hope we can return to.

We need your help.

Thank you for your overwhelming enthusiasm and interest! Registrations have now closed.

Confirmed participants will be notified via email by 18 June. The first session will take place on 23 June.


Building a Community of Carers around health and social care.

Design4Impact is a health, social and design initiative that brings together social minded groups and individuals to co-create solutions to some of the biggest challenges amplified by COVID-19. Design4Impact aims to build user centred research and design thinking capabilities amongst the participants, who will be given the skills, resources, training, support and networks to innovate and develop sustainable, community-driven solutions to these problems.

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Design4Impact is the first design initiative to traverse the health and social care sectors, allowing stakeholders to work together to discover and address important factors that contribute towards improving health outcomes holistically. Taking a whole-of-community approach to designing care models is important because social, behavioural and environmental factors play a big role in our health and well-being. 

Jurong Edition

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The inaugural edition of Design4Impact is based on the long-term effects of COVID-19 in the communities of Jurong, MOHT’s pilot site for understanding, and piloting interventions for health and wellness. 

These efforts will see community providers, grassroots organisations, Social Service Agencies, patients, caregivers, volunteers, community residents, public service officers coming together to co-design real, implementable solutions to enable Singaporeans to thrive during and beyond COVID-19.

What solutions are required for a post COVID-19 world?

Physical distancing has, and will continue to impact our general wellbeing in the way we work, exercise, eat and interact. COVID-19 has also highlighted longstanding gaps in our social fabric which exacerbates wellbeing, such as, increased social isolation, reported increase of domestic violence and job insecurity.


For a start, the team will choose to solution around one of the three key issues faced by the community, namely: social isolation, facilitating physical and mental health, and continued access to health and social care during and after COVID-19.

*mouse over to see problem statements in full!*

Physical Isolation in a post COVID-19 world

Challenge #1


As a result of physical distancing, there has been reduced face to face contact with friends and family. Digitally unsavvy elderly will feel an additional sense of displacement in a pandemic hit offline world.

Problem Statement: 

How might we reduce the impacts of social isolation while maintaining physical distancing?

Facilitating physical and mental health despite physical distancing in a post COVID-19 world

Challenge #2

Physical distancing has impacted our lifestyles. People have become increasingly sedentary, and we are running out of ideas on how to eat healthily, with some even binge eating! Especially challenged are parents, the vulnerable groups like, seniors, the low income, caregivers, victims of domestic violence and persons with disabilities.

Problem Statement:

How might we facilitate physical and mental health despite physical distancing?

Continued Access to Health and Social Care in a post COVID-19 world

Challenge #3


Access to care has always been a challenge especially due to mobility, language and the availability of caregivers. What more with Covid-19. Visiting the clinic for regular appointments or obtaining medication, has become difficult. Even volunteers have not been able to provide caregiving support.

Problem Statement: 

How might we improve remote access to health and social care to those who need it?


Join us for a comprehensive, immersive learning experience - entirely virtually! 

Workshop consists of four phases

D4I_1 Understand & Immerse.png

Understand & Immerse

  • Scoping initial challenge and convening champions

  • How to design with empathy, understanding the challenge though our patients/clients/ residents lenses

D4I_2 Synthesize & Define.png

Synthesize & Define

  • Scoping and defining our design challenge based on impact and what really matters

  • Analyzing our research findings to identify trends, opportunities and insights

D4I_3 Ideate & Prototype.png

Ideate & Prototype

  • Creating new solutions based on our users' deep needs, context and research insights

  • Building a viable solution, poised to scale, and how to communicate your ideas to stakeholders

Test & Iterate

  • Testing your solutions with our users

  • Rapid prototyping, improving though iterations

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4. Test & Iterate

7th July

  • Teams to test low-fidelity prototype and iterate with User Testing.

2. Synthesize &
  • Teams regroup after insights gathering, and will be guided to define the challenges in Plenary 2.

30th June

3. Ideate & Prototype
  • Teams will be guided through ideas generation and prototype building during Plenary 3.

3rd July

1. Understand & Immerse

23rd June

  • Design4Impact Kick-off with Plenary 1 to scope and understand the challenge from a user-centric lens.

27th May - 10th June


10th June

27th May

  • Registration Opens

Pitch & Implement

9th - 17th July

  • Learn how to pitch and scale your prototype during Plenary 4.

9th July

14th July

  • Final Submission

17th July


Mid July - End 2020

  • Top 3 teams to work with project mentors on implementing and scaling initiatives in the community

  • Registration Closes

  • Final Pitch and results announced

To learn more, please download our detailed timeline here:


What can participants look forward to?

The social spirited innovators in each of us can look forward to:

  • Implementable solutions – An opportunity to develop implementable solutions, supported by the relevant authorities and partners for immediate rollout, to benefit fellow Singaporeans

  • Capacity Building – A comprehensive and immersive programme comprising workshops, mentoring and coaching sessions to develop your concept and adapt for scaling

  • Networking Opportunities – Access to government organizations, grassroots, community partners, private sector partners, skilled practitioners in health, social care and design

  • Seed Funding – Top 3 ideas selected by our judges will qualify for a micro-seed funding of S$2,000, to be used for piloting of prototypes in Jurong.

  • Strategic Partnerships – With community networks and relevant stakeholders to co-create solutions that would create and enhance health and social impact

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Judging Criteria

Solutions will be evaluated based on the criteria below:

Solution fit

To what extent does the proposed solution address the problem statement and end user needs effectively?

Feasibility / Scalability

How easy will it be to develop and implement a working model of this solution?

Application of Design Thinking principles

How well has the team used DT principles (empathy, define, ideate, prototype, test) to inform their solution?

Pitch & Presentation

How has the team articulated their proposal and engaged the audience?


How well does the solution present new concepts or approaches to tackle the design challenge?



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Top 3 ideas selected by our judges will qualify for a micro-seed funding of S$2,000, to be used for piloting of prototypes in Jurong. Thereafter, winning groups will be guided to obtain a larger seed fund and work with relevant stakeholders to implement and scale concepts.


30% of the Seed Funding money will be awarded to 3 Top Winners at the start of the post-challenge prototype development phase, with the remainder 70% to be awarded during the prototype development phase.


The award will be subject to the fulfillment of terms & conditions and the milestones of the prototype. 

Awardees selected to undertake the prototype development phase will be required to enter into an agreement with MOHT and NCSS that will include more detailed conditions pertaining to the prototype development.  


We are all natural problem solvers

You can register as a team or as an individual. If you register as a team (3-6 pax), we would like to encourage your team to have members with diverse skill-sets and backgrounds to as to bring different perspectives to your project. If you register as an individual, we will help to allocate you into a team, based on your interests, skill-sets and background. As we have only limited slots available, we seek your understanding that only participants who are selected will receive a confirmation email. 

I'm part of a group, why should my team sign up?

We need your help to:

  • Use your unique expertise to contribute to solving community issues

  • Use your imagination to reimagine new futures to create a better world

  • Contribute to the public good

You and your team will get to:

  • Learn more about community needs, and co-develop solutions with them.

  • Rally your community to actively ideate solutions to community challenges​

  • Work with people from different backgrounds

  • Learn & practice Design Thinking in a real-world context

  • Co-develop policies & services

  • Do good, contribute in a meaningful manner

Sign up as a team!

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I’m an individual, why should I sign up?

We need your help to:

  • Use your unique expertise to contribute to solving community issues

  • Use your imagination to reimagine new futures to create a better world

  • Contribute to the public good

As an individual, you will get to:

  • Have an opportunity to create real impact by focusing on pressing challenges that society currently faces like aging, climate change, social isolation

  • Work with people from different backgrounds

  • Learn & practice Design Thinking in a real-world context

  • Co-develop policies & services

  • Do good, contribute in a meaningful manner

Sign up as an individual!

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I would like to be a part of Design4Impact, but not as a participant. How else can I participate?

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You don't have to be a participant to partner with us! We are looking for: 

  • Users who are keen to test out and provide feedback for the participants' prototypes.

  • Content resource personnel from community providers, grassroots organisations, Social Service Agencies and other partners who can provide knowledge and insights on the challenges and problem statements to the participants.

  • Sponsors who would like to support our operational costs.

  • Implementation partners who are keen to come onboard to implement the pilot prototypes, together with the winning teams.

Meet Our Judges

Mr Khoong Chan Meng

Chief Executive Officer,


Mr Khoong has 30 years of international experience in the ICT industry and is widely known for his expertise in strategic planning, technological innovation and business transformation. Under his leadership, he transformed NUS-ISS to focus on delivering impact to the industry.

  • LinkedIn

Dr Chiang Hock Woon

Deputy Chief Executive Officer,


Dr Chiang is the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Sport Singapore. He is part of the senior management at Sport Singapore, leading the agency in its efforts to realise Vision 2030 – Singapore’s manifesto for its people to Live Better Through Sport.

  • LinkedIn

Dr Amanda Lamb

Director of Health Innovation Liverpool, The University of Liverpool 

Dr Lamb is the Director of Health Innovation Liverpool (UK), CEO of Applied Health Insights, and Director of Connected Health Cities International, with over 20 years of experience working with front-line innovators in HealthTech, MedTech, software solutions and data analytics. 

  • LinkedIn

Ms Ng Ling Ling

Senior Consultant,


Ms Ng is an independent Senior Consultant of MOH Office for Healthcare Transformation (MOHT), focusing on primary care transformation through technology and financing levers. Previously she served in the NCSS for 16 years, with her last role being that of Assistant CEO and Managing Director of Community Chest.

  • LinkedIn
li san.png

Ms Tan Li San

Chief Executive Officer,


Ms Tan is the Chief Executive Officer at the National Council of Social Service (NCSS). Her experience in the social service sector included serving on the boards of Beyond Social Services, and the Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS).

  • LinkedIn

Mr Mark Wee

Executive Director,


Mr Wee is currently the Executive Director at the DesignSingapore Council (DSG). He is a pioneer in using design thinking to shape human-centred experiences across products, services, and environments. He is also an award-winning designer and architect. 

  • LinkedIn

Meet Our Advisors

Dr Sweet Fun Wong

Chief Transformation Officer,


Dr Wong is Clinical Director at NHG's Population Health Office. She also leads the population health initiatives in Yishun and Woodlands Zones as Clinical Director. She has been actively involved for the past 20 years in the development of preventive geriatrics. 

  • LinkedIn

Dr Chong Keng Hua

Founder / Academic,

Colours / SUTD 

Dr Chong is Associate Professor of Architecture and Sustainable Design at the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), where he leads the Social Urban Research Group (SURGe), Opportunity Lab (O-Lab), and MND-HDB New Urban Kampung Research Program. 

  • LinkedIn

Dr Tan Weng Mooi

Chief (Caregiving and Community Mental Health Divison), AIC

Dr Tan is a pharmacist by training with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree and Executive MBA. She has over 30 years of experience in the healthcare sector. Presently, she is the Chief of the Caregiving & Community Mental Health Division in the Agency for Integrated Care. 

  • LinkedIn

Ms Lekshmy Parameswaran and Mr László Herczeg


The Care Lab

Ms Parameswaran and Mr Herczeg are experienced designers who have been working in the area of health and care for two decades. In 2017, they co-founded The Care Lab, a collaborative platform that uses human-centred design practices to rethink and redesign care models and solutions for our societies and care systems. Their vision of care is an equitable, pro-active and compassionate experience that is widely accessible and that forms an integral part of everyday life, from birth to death.

  • LinkedIn

Frequently asked questions


Is joining Design4Impact free?

Yes, there is no registration fee.

How do I sign up?

Participants can sign up as a team by clicking here, or as an individual by clicking here.

Can my team consist of just 2 people?

No. In the spirit of collaboration and cross learning, we strongly believe that teams with diverse skillsets and experiences can create a stronger solution. We highly encourage you join as a team of between 3-6 people! If you register as an individual, we will help to allocate you into a team, based on your interests, skill-sets and background.

Can I work on an existing idea or an idea which is already being funded by another seed funding/won another competition prize?

Yes. However, we encourage participants to join Design4Imapct with an open mind. Going through the programme and working with diverse people may make your idea even better.

I’m uncomfortable providing my address. Can I self-collect the physical toolkit?

As Design4Impact is completely virtual, a physical toolkit will greatly elevate your experience. However, if you decline to provide your address, you will not receive the physical toolkit.

Must I live, work or play in the Greater Jurong Lake District to be a participant?

No, we welcome participants from across different parts of Singapore. However, as we have selected Jurong as the pilot site for Design4Impact, do note that the solutions will need to be piloted within the Jurong community for a start. Successful pilots could potentially be scaled to other parts of Singapore.

Who is eligible for Design4Impact?

Design4Impact is open to anyone, for example - community providers, grassroots organisations, Social Service Agencies, patients, caregivers, volunteers, community residents, public service officers. As long as you are keen to commit time to make a difference to health and social care in the Jurong community. However, as we have limited places available, we regret that only the shortlisted applicants will receive a confirmation email.


What is the level of commitment for participants during the 3-week workshop programme?

To reap the maximum benefits from the programme, we would encourage at least one team member from each team to participate in all the 2-hour plenary sessions and pitch day session. There are also optional, but recommended, coaching sessions with mentors during each phase. In between these sessions, the teams may organise their own schedules to complete the various tasks amongst themselves. If additional coaching is required, the teams may approach their respective team coach. You may download the detailed timeline of the workshops at this link.

What if I am not fluent in English? Will the sessions be multi-lingual?

We welcome those who are multi-lingual, as you will be a great asset to your team when engaging with users. However, the sessions will only be conducted in English. In the spirit of team work and collaboration, your team mates, who are fluent in English, can help you along.

I don’t have a computer/laptop. Can I still participate?

Yes. If you have any digital device with good internet connection, you can still attend the plenary sessions as they are conducted on Zoom and Miro. However, at least one of your team mates needs to have a laptop to comfortably work on developing your prototype design and pitch materials.

Even though Design4Impact is virtual, can I still physically do field work?

We strongly advise participants to comply with prevailing advisories on safe physical distancing, which can be found here:

Pitch Day

What are the requirements for the pitch?

In order to participate in the final pitch, teams should have at least one representative attending all the plenary sessions and have their idea / concept prepared in PowerPoint and pre-loaded on our collaborative platforms.

What are the judging criteria for the pitch?

Solutions will be evaluated based on the criteria below:

  • Innovation
  • Pitch and Presentation
  • Application of Design Thinking principles
  • Feasibility/Scalability
  • Solution fit

Are there prizes for the winning teams?

Top 3 ideas selected by our judges will qualify for a micro-seed funding of SGD2,000, to be used for piloting of prototypes in the Greater Jurong Lake District, with the potential to tap on larger funds for the pilot. We will work with winning teams to support and match their needs with other funding sources.


What if a winning team does not want to continue with implementation with stakeholders?

We highly encourage winning teams to implement their prototypes in Jurong with the relevant stakeholders, to build upon the contextual insights and relationships built in Jurong.

Must the winning prototypes be piloted in the Greater Jurong Lake District?

For this first iteration, the prototypes would need to be piloted in the Greater Jurong Lake District. Thereafter, the winning teams could implement and scale the prototypes to other parts of Singapore.

If you have any questions about Design4Impact, or if you would like to partner with us,

please contact us at [email protected] or visit our Facebook page

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