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  • Michelle Tan & Faithe Poh

Sharing and Learning with the National Health Service (NHS)

A warm welcome to National Health Service (NHS) delegates from the United Kingdom, who visited MOHT for a sharing session on ideas to innovatively shape public health systems.

Visitors from NHS

Top row (from left to right): Lim Cher Wee, Lai Yi Feng, Christine Jamieson, Helene Gallardo, Khilood Ali, Lee Keng Leong

Bottom row (from left to right): Jo Burns, Ben Goodwin, Nicola Parry, Claire Richardson


Earlier this month, MOHT was thrilled to host NHS delegates together with the UK Embassy and Department of International Trade (DIT). The team, comprising of various leads from Infocomm Technology, Business Development, International Trade, Exports and Commercials, gathered and shared their respective experiences about NHS and their Hospital-at-Home (HaH) programs, which accelerated during the pandemic.

During the session, there was discussion on how COVID-19, a major disruptor around the world, has refined UK’s HaH programs through understanding patients’ perspectives and retraining providers’ skills. The paradigm shift is in redefining care not by location, but by the suite of services and intensity of healthcare needs required.

While the initial Mobile Inpatient Care at Home (MIC@Home) Sandbox focuses mainly on general medicine conditions and elective post-operation care, NHS success stories with pediatric case studies provide optimism for the Sandbox to consider and review adoption in the local context.

The need to leverage healthcare technology, another key development during the COVID pandemic, also propelled NHS to partner big names like Google to better provide for HaH programs in UK. The myriad healthcare startups and multinational technology companies present in Singapore provide similar opportunities.

The exchange of ideas and experience between MOHT and NHS in this session will help shape the future of medical technology development for a more sophisticated MIC@Home implementation.

Following the session, the UK High Commission invited MOHT to The British High Commissioner’s Residence for an evening reception as part of their trade delegation in Singapore for Medical Fair Asia. Bringing back the good old times of pre-pandemic networking, long-term and mutually beneficial relationships were nurtured and built, opening doors to MOHT for new opportunities and collaboration for healthcare transformation, technology advancement, and market growth.

The MOHT MIC@Home team at The British High Commissioner’s Residence

For more information on MIC@Home, find out more at:

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