• Tan Yi-Roe

Partnerships divide the work and multiply the success

In this new era where human interactions are being limited and work processes take on a new normal, it is becoming more common for people to stare at their screens and centre on thoughts of self-survival. Competing priorities and limited resources mean that partnerships and collaboration might take a back seat in times of uncertainty. However, we have also seen the spirit of support, trust, and networks open new doors and catalyse innovation breakthroughs, especially in the healthcare arena.

At MOHT, we see partnerships, both public and private, as an important factor in building an enabling environment for healthcare transformation.

Under our home hospital programme for example, MOHT has partnered various stakeholders to collectively advance our efforts to evaluate and improve this potential model of care in Singapore. Speedoc, a private healthcare provider that specializes in providing mobile medicine services at the comfort of patients’ homes, is one of them. As part of the programme, patients receive hospital-level care at their own homes instead of in a hospital setting. The main challenge is to maintain the standard of care and ensure that patients’ safety is not compromised.

With MOHT playing a centralized coordinating role, our pilots have shown that this is possible through active partnerships between hospitals and private providers like Speedoc , and providers in technology solutions including ISANSYS, ConnectedLife and Biofourmis.

Integrating service providers is not always easy. By having a common understanding of the problem and the potential of better integration in optimizing manpower resources and attaining economies of scale, we were able to tap on the expertise of each partner to amplify success. Under existing pilots at NUHS ([email protected]) and SGH ([email protected]), the hospital care teams provided overall medical governance and ensured safety and quality of care of patients, while the Speedoc team supplemented home medical services to provide around-the-clock service when needed. Coupled with remote monitoring solutions from technology counterparts, including Biofourmis, ISANSYS and ConnectedLife, and MOHT's evaluation capabilities and familiarity with the healthcare landscape, a harmonized effort was made possible by playing to each party’s strengths.

In the current healthcare landscape, public-private partnerships are only starting to gain traction. At MOHT, we recognize the importance of maximizing system integration and the roles and relationships of different service providers. By opening ourselves up to innovative approaches from private providers like Speedoc, not only do we have a more comprehensive view of the ecosystem, we are also able to forge and nurture partnerships in all areas so that we can have a more collective and unified voice in this journey of healthcare transformation. Going forward, efforts to validate various care delivery models will continue to take a partnership approach, leveraging on combined capabilities to address healthcare issues in Singapore.