iConnect.COVID: A One-stop Platform for Registration and Management of COVID-19 Swab Test Results 

The uncertain wait for results experienced by patients who have undergone a swab test for COVID-19 just became shorter with the launch of iConnect.COVID by the Integrated General Hospital team at MOHT. iConnect.COVID is a tool for polyclinics, which significantly improves the patient and clinician experience in swab-related registration, results management, and results notification. 

Developed with Integrated Health Information Systems (IHiS), the tool allows patients who test negative for COVID-19 to receive an automated SMS immediately after the results are available. The SMS contains a URL link for patients to acknowledge receipt. This closed-loop function allows patients to receive timely information, and providers to have peace of mind that their patients have received key information. For patients who test positive for COVID-19, the tool will promptly alert healthcare institutions, so that transport can be arranged to convey the infected patient to the relevant facilities.

iConnect.COVID supports the Government’s extension of testing of patients who meet the COVID-19 case suspect definition, to all polyclinics and selected PHPCs. An increasing volume of tests saw the need to improve the capture and notification of the majority of patients who test negative. Consolidating and sharing data accurately and communicating to patients promptly could become challenging. Processes were manual, and notification to patients could take up to two to three days.

Above: Screenshot of iConnect.COVID Dashboard with swab test results

Working closely with clinicians, the IGH team, comprising Mr Ong Pang Hao, Mr Tan Yan Hao, Mr Lakshman s/o Murugappan, and led by Chief Operating Officer Mr Lim Cher Wee, harnessed data assembly and enhanced analytics to fine-tune the tool’s utility to medical teams.
The result is a secured one-stop platform to enhance care responses for COVID-19, with a portfolio of tools for improved productivity and coordination. 

iConnect.COVID launched at all National University Polyclinics (NUP) polyclinics in April 2020. It launched at National Healthcare Group Polyclinics (NHGP) and SingHealth Polyclinics (SHP) shortly after. 


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