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Solutions, Technology, Evaluation & Piloting

The role of STEP is to lead and facilitate the identification, piloting and evaluation of promising technologies or solutions. The team supports the 3 MOHT programmes (IGH, FPC and InHealth), and Data, Science & Technology team (DST) .


Associate Professor Teoh Yee Leong

Director, Solutions, Technology, Evaluation & Piloting

STEP supports MOHT teams through:

  • Environmental scanning of relevant technology and solutions 

  • Running pilots to evaluate technologies & solutions, with a view to scaling those which are beneficial, cost-effective and can enable care redesign

  • Supporting and coordinating Health Service Research through advisory, connecting teams with experts, programme evaluation and tailored training for internal staff.

Current initiatives and projects that STEP contributes to include: 
OPTIMUM: scanning and evaluation of new technologies, such as e-coaching


HOPE-S (Health Outcomes via Positive Engagement in Schizophrenia): support for multiple phases of the initiative, including pilot protocols, study design, development of study documents, design and review and on-site monitoring to ensure quality & integrity of the research. 

PTEC-C3-PICO (PTEC Cross Cluster CGM Program with Intelligent Coaching): support for study design, technology scanning and budget / contract negotiation.

HAT (Home HbA1c Test): scanning and evaluation of home HbA1c point of care testing solutions for diabetes including liaising with the vendor for device, cost negotiation, and training.

AMI-HOPE: onsite project support, study design, preparation of study documents, and monitoring to ensure quality and integrity of the research. 


Collective Health Services Research Evaluation Capability (CHEC): to develop, coordinate and synergize a CHEC at MOHT to provide centralised governance to provide advisory for MOHT pilots, connect teams with the local and overseas Health Service Researchers, support MOHT programme evaluation and tailor internal training.

Chronic Disease Intervention Modelling: assistance in the procurement of outsourcing services for the development of the Model. 

Movements for Health (M4H) Evaluation: clarifying goals and evaluation criteria for M4H and providing evaluation oversight.


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